ADAP 340B Medication Refills – Helpful Hints


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ADAP 340B Medication Refills – Helpful Hints

February 16, 2022 | Jimmy Borders | HIV

Recently, the Arizona ADAP 340B pharmacy underwent an internal transition from OptumRx to Genoa. While a majority of the transition was seamless to clients, issues did arise that centered around some clients not being able to receive their medication refills in a timely manner.

Now that many of the troublesome issues are behind us, below are some helpful hints for both case managers (CM) and clients to keep in mind to help expedite future refill requests:

  • When you get ½ way though your current refill, please reach out to Genoa at 602-735-2040 to request a refill. This will allow ample time for refill requests to be sent to your Medical Provider (if needed); pharmacy processing and/or timely mailing to your house.
    • Please note:
      • Genoa will be starting proactive outreach calls to clients in the coming weeks when their system shows a client should be near the ½ way point of their current refill. While this service will be welcomed by all, we ask that clients do not just depend on this call and make it their personal habit to call Genoa proactively once they’re at the ½ point of their current refill.
      • Keep in mind refill requests to your Medical Provider may be delayed due to Holidays, office closures or the need for the client to be seen before the refills are authorized.
    • Please keep all eligibility information current with Ryan White/ADAP. Contact CE or your CM immediately with any change to residency, income, job, insurance or marital status.
    • Please work with your CM and/or Genoa to set up safe delivery options for receipt of your medication(s). Genoa currently uses USPS, UPS, FedEx, and a local courier, when/if needed. It is the ADAP’s preference to NOT leave medication deliveries unattended on a doorstep. If you know you’re not going to be home to accept the medication delivery at time of delivery, please see if a trusted friend, family member, roommate, neighbor can take possession of the package until you can connect; ask if your CM may be able to receive the delivery until you can connect with them; ask to have it held at the courier’s distribution center; or ask to have it shipped via USPS so it can be left in your locked mailbox. Please keep in mind with USPS shipping, this option may not be available during our summer peak heat season due to safety concerns with the medication sitting in the mailbox for long periods of time.
      • Did you know …. the average cost to program for a lost or stolen medication delivery is $12,000.
        • While our program’s goal will always be to help clients achieve and maintain an HIV viral load suppression, losing key program funding when replacing lost/stolen medications greatly prohibits our financial ability to continue assisting clients with Ryan White wrap-around services such as housing, food, transportation, etc.

We hope these helpful hints will allow clients to become more proactive in reaching out and receiving their refills timely from the ADAP 340B contract pharmacy, Genoa.

If you or your client ever have any ADAP-related questions, please do not hesitate to contact us directly at 800-838-9195 or by secure email at

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