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If you have any questions after viewing our site, find an error, or would like to add your service to our listings, please contact us at Connect@HIVAZ.org

Welcome to HIVAZ.org! We’re glad you’ve found your way to us and we hope this website can be a resource for any questions you may have.

What is HIVAZ.org?

We believe that everyone is HIV Equal. As such, we believe that everyone, regardless of HIV status, is deserving of empathetic, competent care and education without prejudice or stigma.

This website is designed to be a multipurpose source of information regarding HIV prevention, care, and resources throughout Arizona. Developed and maintained by Aunt Rita’s Foundation, HIVAZ is dedicated to providing accurate, thorough information to Arizona residents.

In addition to pages dedicated to topics such as treatment and prevention, HIVAZ maintains Provider & Service Category listings designed to allow visitors to search for a variety of services throughout Arizona and find care providers in their area.

Contact Us

If you have any questions after viewing our site, find an error, or would like to add your service to our listings, please contact us!

Questions about HIV prevention services? 

  • Get free condoms mailed to you – visit Nice Package to order!
  • Request a free home HIV test at Get Tested AZ 
  • Contact us at Connect@HIVAZ.org

Questions about HIV care services in Maricopa or Pinal counties? 

  • Call the RWPA Office at (602) 506-5341 or email RyanWhitePartA@maricopa.gov 

Questions about HIV care services in all other counties? 

  • Call the RWPB/ADAP Office at (602) 364-3610 or email careandservices@azdhs.gov.

Questions about the AIDS Drug Assistance Program (ADAP)? 

Want to get involved? 

  • To join HIV/HCV/STD integrated planning sessions, email deborah.reardon@azdhs.gov 
  • For a statewide group focused HIV prevention care, consider joining the Statewide Advisory Group (SWAG) by emailing deborah.reardon@azdhs.gov 
  • For a group focused on HIV care in Maricopa & Pinal counties, consider joining the Ryan White Planning Council by calling (602)506-6321.

For more information about Aunt Rita’s Foundation, visit here.