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HIV, HCV & STI Symposium

January 2023 Join us for Arizona's annual HIV, HCV, & STI Symposium! This year's event will be held in-person, and we are so excited to connect with everyone. Health and safety precautions will be implemented to ensure a safe event for all. Travel Support is...

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HIV/AIDS in Arizona 2022 Report

December 2022 The 2022 HIV/AIDS in Arizona Annual Report is now published and available on the ADHS website. Check out the interactive dashboard too! Congrats and kudos to our HIV Surveillance team for getting this submitted!

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Integrated Plan Focus Groups Report

September 2022 Focus groups were conducted in February - June 2022 to inform the 2022-2026 HIV/STI/Hep C Arizona Integrated Plan. We talked to over 180 Arizonans during 18 focus groups that highlighted personal experiences with our state's prevention and care systems....

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Academic Detailing Program

August 2022 It’s finally arrived! After several years of planning, we are very excited to announce that ADHS, in partnership with the Pacific AETC - Arizona and Arizona State University-SIRC has launched a new Academic Detailing Program designed to improve the health...

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Trauma Informed Approaches

July 2022 Back in February, we announced that the ADHS Ryan White Part B Program was selected to participate in NASTAD's Trauma-Informed Approaches Learning Community for Ryan White HIV/AIDS Part Bs/ADAPs. Participating representatives for Arizona included Macy...

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Kristen’s Story: Stop the Stigma

I contracted Hep-C more than likely from intravenous drug use sometime in my early twenties. I had thought that bleach would kill off the virus and when I was told that it doesn't I assumed I had it. It was at that point (no pun intended) that I became even...

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Pablo’s Story: Live Free and Stay Healthy!

Hola, my name is Pa! I am writing this to express how Hep C has affected my life. I contracted Hep C through MSM anal sex. I was told I had Hep C after I had blood work done in 2015, if I am not mistaken. It was a somewhat shocking discovery for me, even though I had...

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David’s Story: Harm Reduction Saves Lives

I knew from the very beginning that I would eventually get Hep C. I wasn’t in a position to look after my health or safety, having to find used needles on the ground and clean them out with soap and water. Had I had access to proper supplies this wouldn’t have...

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On June 27th each year, we observe National HIV Testing Day (NHTD), a day to emphasize and encourage HIV testing. This year's theme is "HIV Testing is Self Care" HIV testing can be free, easy, fast, and confidential. HIV self-tests can be done when and where an...

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Meet the ADHS Viral Hepatitis Team!

The ADHS Viral Hepatitis team has five members. Joana Mendez-Lopez, HIV Planning Liaison Macy Richardson, HIV Project Specialist Marissa Dibilio (she/her), Hepatitis C Communicable Disease Specialist; marissa.dibilio@azdhs.gov Background: B.A. in Public Health at...

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Community Spotlight-Refugee Health

Community Spotlight-Refugee Health March 16, 2022 | Haley Smith | HIV, Hep C, STI My name is Haley Smith, and I have been working as a housing case manager at the Southern Arizona AIDS Foundation (SAAF) for 5 years. I have a background in biology and psychology, and...

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Arizona ADAP Adequacy & Affordability Review Process

Arizona ADAP Adequacy & Affordability Review Process March 16, 2022 | Jimmy Borders | HIV Ryan White Part B (RWPB) and AIDS Drug Assistance Programs (ADAP) must ensure that funding is not used to make payments for any item or service that has been paid, or can...

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New Faces on the ADHS Ryan White Part B Team!

New Faces on the ADHS Ryan White Part B Team! February 16, 2022 | Macy Richardson | HIV The ADHS Ryan White Part B program recently welcomed two new team members: Joana Mendez-Lopez, HIV Planning Liaison Macy Richardson, HIV Project Specialist Joana is a 2021 CDC...

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New Faces on the ADHS HIV Prevention Team!

New Faces on the ADHS HIV Prevention Team! February 16, 2022 | HIV The ADHS HIV Prevention program recently welcomed three new team members: Abner Linares, Epidemiologist, HIV Prevention Program Eduardo Moreira-Orantes, HIV Prevention Initiatives Manager Mayra Mollo,...

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