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100% Preventable
100% Treatable


  • Learn the basics about HIV and how you can protect yourself.
  • Make a commitment to stay HIV negative. Make sure your friends and sexual partners know your boundaries.
  • Get re-tested at least every six months.
  • Use condoms. It’s the easiest way to protect against HIV and STDs. We’ll even deliver FREE condoms directly to you.
  • Give Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) a serious look.

    PrEP helps prevent HIV in people who have tested negative. It reduces the risk of getting HIV by more than 99%. Wear a condom while on PrEP and you’re looking at close to 100% STD prevention.


If your initial HIV test results are positive, you’ll need another blood test to confirm the results. If the confirmation test results are also positive, you will be diagnosed as HIV positive.

Being diagnosed HIV positive is not the end of the world. With proper care, you can live a long, productive, and happy life.

Your initial care appointment will help you deal with the diagnosis and you’ll learn what being HIV positive means for you and your health. You’ll be referred to medical care and supportive services. You’ll also learn about how to prevent transmission to others.