The Service Provider Directory is currently being updated. If you are having difficulty locating a service, please reach out to Aunt Rita's Foundation at (602) 882-8675.

Finding Care and Assistance

Finding the right care is important. Fortunately, you have lots of options.

No Medical Insurance?

If you don’t have health insurance, we’ll find a way to get you care. You may even qualify for free or low-cost assistance programs that can provide you with HIV medical care and support services.

Got Insurance?

If you have health insurance, check out the various HIV Medical Care categories to find HIV medical care near you. All of the providers listed on have experience providing quality HIV care.

If you already have medical care but your doctor isn’t listed in your search results, you should call to confirm that he/she has experience treating people living with HIV. If not, ask if you can be referred to a doctor nearby who does.

If you’re choosing a new medical provider, confirm that he/she accepts your insurance plan when making your appointment.

Need Help Paying Your Medical Care Costs?

Even if you have insurance, you might have out-of-pocket costs for doctor co-pays, medications or health plan deductibles. Our Free/Low Cost Care section will help you learn about assistance programs that may be available to you.