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The ADHS Viral Hepatitis team has five members.

  • Joana Mendez-Lopez, HIV Planning Liaison
  • Macy Richardson, HIV Project Specialist

Marissa Dibilio (she/her), Hepatitis C Communicable Disease Specialist;

Background: B.A. in Public Health at Muhlenberg College

Interests: Health equity & chronic disease prevention with an emphasis on alleviating health disparities

Works On: At ADHS I am mainly involved with hepatitis C surveillance and case investigation work. I will be helping Alena Pittman on the data side of things for our two main grants as well as assisting with MEDSIS integration.

Abrielle Fulwider (they/them), Hepatitis C Patient Navigation Specialist;

Background: B.Sc. in Health, Society, and Policy from the University of Utah

Interests: Health equity and access, specifically among queer and refugee populations, harm reduction, and trauma-informed care.

Works On: I am currently developing a patient navigation program for people who have HCV. I also work closely with Jess Hume on our community projects, including the Hep Free AZ newsletter and advisory committees.

Arlis Jenkins, Viral Hepatitis Coordinator;

Background: BA Global Health, Arizona State University, MPH, University of Arizona

Interests: Health equity, Strategic planning, Global Health

Works On: Oversees all viral hepatitis projects, including grant and budget administration, Hep C prevention and patient navigation services, data projects, as well as being involved in Hep Free AZ, its Executive Committee, and all subcommittees

Fun Fact: I trained my kitten to ask to come into my home office when the door is closed by having her place her paw under the door, palm up.

Jessica Hume, Viral Hepatitis Community Liaison;

Fun Fact: When I was 17, I travelled to Mongolia for a month as a volunteer medical assistant. I was given the full course of the rabies vaccine (which cost my parents around $900) because my doctor didn’t trust me not to try to pet or play with the stray dogs.

Alena Pittman, Senior Epidemiologist;

Background: BSc Biochemistry with a concentration in Chemistry, Arizona State University, MSc Biomedical Diagnostics, Arizona State University, Summa Cum Laude

Interests: Helping refugee populations, equality in global health, as well as travelling, kayaking/paddle boarding, hiking, and trying new restaurants

Works On: Hep C data projects, surveillance, data dissemination, and integrated (HIV/STD/HCV) planning

Fun Fact: When I was 7, I was flying as an unaccompanied minor. The airline put me on the wrong flight, instead of going to LaGuardia, I was routed to Portland. No one realized the mistake until my mom was waiting to pick me up.

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